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Medley Concerto

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The English clergyman and composer Richard Mudge (1718–63) is chiefly known for his Six Concertos in Seven Parts (1749). In the tradition of Handel and Geminiani, they are regarded as among the most ambitious and accomplished works in their genre. #-# The present piece, scored for a concerto grosso string ensemble plus two horns in D, which have remarkably adventurous and prominent parts, successfully combines the traditional dance variation form with baroque concerto structure. The centrepiece is a fugal movement based on material from a dance called ‘The Highlanders March’. Good-humoured in tone and even a little riotous on occasion, this would make the perfect conclusion to a concert.


Artikelnummer 289115
Besetzung 2Vl Str 2Hr
Gattung: Orchester
Komponist MUDGE Richard
Herausgeber Michael Talbot
Verlag Edition HH
Ausgabe St

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