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Turandot - Malbuch

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Malbuch - Coloring Book

The coloring book is the first in a new series of coloring books that aim to tell the fundamental story of an opera in an entertaining, yet concise way. Children and adults tend to engage in a performance much more if they are familiar with it beforehand. Coloring books offer a unique opportunity for the Colorer (adult, child or both!), to absorb the plot of the opera by actively participating in the creation of each scene. When finished, the book will become a personalized guide to the opera, containing a clear yet simplified synopsis of the original libretto. Our hope is to intrigue children from an early age by dispelling operatic stereotypes and opening the doors to this fascinating and unique art form. Please Enjoy! #-# 40 Seiten;


Artikelnummer 303619
Gattung: Buch
Komponist EASLEY Lydia
Verlag Prinp Editoria d'Arte
ISBN 9781535258791
Ausgabe ital / engl

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