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Easter is the supreme festival of Christianity and is often introduced with traditional music, especially classical music. In order to beautify this year's Easter days with Easter music, we would like to present four musical works to you.

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There are many instruments around the world - some are more difficult to learn and take more time than others. In general, there are instruments that have been classified as easy instruments that both children and adults can learn in no time.

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It is a special experience to see well-known pieces in opera houses but it is even better to see them in the local area. But what is behind those opera houses? But how did they evolve into what you know today?

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neu vie

Why is Vienna the capital of classic music? Who was involved? When did it reach its peak level? And which composers came from Vienna? The answers to these questions and what the Habsburgs had to do with it can be found in this blog post.

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