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Double Act


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Duets for piano


Item Number 141728
Instrumentation Klav4ms
Category: Tasteninstrumente
Level of difficulty: easy
Arranger Marian Hellen
Publisher Kevin Mayhew
ISMN M-57024-384-6


Composer Title Instrumentation
MOZART Wolfgang Amadeus Adagio from Clarinet Concerto Klav4ms
PACHELBEL Johann Canon in D Klav4ms
TRADITIONAL Come landlord fill the flowing bowl Klav4ms
DACRE Harry Daisy, Daisy Klav4ms
TRADITIONAL Dance to your daddy Klav4ms
Dick's maggot Klav4ms
TRADITIONAL Donkey riding Klav4ms
DELIBES Leo Flower duet of Lakme Klav4ms
HÄNDEL Georg Friedrich Hallelujah chorus from Messiah Klav4ms
GLOVER John I do like to be beside the seaside Klav4ms
TRADITIONAL J'ai du bon tabac Klav4ms
VERDI Giuseppe La donna e mobile Klav4ms
WINNER Joseph Little brown jug Klav4ms
BRAHMS Johannes Lullaby Klav4ms
TRADITIONAL Mango walk Klav4ms
BEETHOVEN Ludwig van Minuet in G Klav4ms
MASON Lowell Nearer my God th thee Klav4ms
TRADITIONAL Still, still, still Klav4ms
TRADITIONAL The ash grove Klav4ms
TRADITIONAL The British grenadiers Klav4ms

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