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In 27 Pieces
The Hilary Hahn Encores

€ 54.45
Item on stock.
Item Number:322244
Artist:Hilary Hahn
Instrumentation:Vl Klav
Publisher:Boosey & Hawkes
Publishers Order Ref:BHI10793
Difficulty: difficult
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Diese Sammlung umfasst 27 Werke von 27 Komponisten, die auf der gleichnamigen CD von Hilary Hahn zu hören sind.

List of Abbreviations
HOWARD James NewtonHilary Hahn133...At Least (2012)Vl Klav
RAMNATH KalaHilary HahnAalap and Tarana (2012)Vl Klav
SATOH SomeiHilary HahnBifu (Breese) (2010)Vl Klav
DAVIDSON TinaHilary HahnBlue Curve of the Earth (2010)Vl Klav
MORAVEC PaulHilary HahnBlue Fiddle (2010)Vl Klav
SILVESTROV ValentinHilary HahnChristmas SerenadeVl Klav
HATZIS ChristosHilary HahnComing To (2010)Vl Klav
HIGDON JenniferHilary HahnEcho Dash (2010)Vl Klav
TREDICI David DelHilary HahnFarewell (2010)Vl Klav
BATES MasonHilary HahnFord's Farm (2012)Vl Klav
TURNAGE Mark-AnthonyHilary HahnHilary's Hoedown (2009)Vl Klav
ALI-ZADEH FranghizHilary HahnImpulse (2012)Vl Klav
EICHBERG Soren NilsHilary HahnLevitation (2010)Vl Klav
LANG DavidHilary HahnLight Moving (2013)Vl Klav
OSHIMA MichriuHilary HahnMemories (2011)Vl Klav
DORMAN AvnerHilary HahnMemory Games (2011)Vl Klav
RICHTER MaxHilary HahnMercy (2010)Vl Klav
BARRETT RichardHilary HahnShade (2010)Vl Klav
LAM Bun-ChingHilary HahnSolitude d'automne (2011)Vl Klav
AUERBACH LeraHilary HahnSpeak, Memory (2010)Vl Klav
SHARP ElliottHilary HahnStorm of the Eye (2009)Vl Klav
ABRIL Anton GarciaHilary HahnTercer Suspiro (Third Sigh) (2012)Vl Klav
MYERS JeffHilary HahnThe Angry Birds of Kauai (2012)Vl Klav
WHITEHEAD GillianHilary HahnTorua (2011)Vl Klav
MUHLY NicoHilary HahnTwo Voices (2010)Vl Klav
SILVESTROV ValentinHilary HahnWaltz (2010)Vl Klav
YUN DiHilary HahnWhen A Tiger Meets A Rosa Rugosa (2012)Vl Klav
RAUTAVAARA EinojuhaniHilary HahnWhispering (2010)Vl Klav
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