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The Library of Movie Music

€ 28.60
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Item Number:318435
Instrumentation:Klav Singst Git
Publisher:Hal Leonard
Publishers Order Ref:HL00287154
Difficulty: intermediate
Genre: Movie
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A Collection of the Greatest Movie Music includes Themes from Classic and Modern Film's most popular Soundtracks.

List of Abbreviations
(Everything I do) I do it fo you( (from Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves)Klav Singst Git
(I've had) The Time of my Life (from Dirty Dancing)Klav Singst Git
A Whole New World (from Aladdin)Klav Singst Git
Against all odds (Take a look at me now) (from Against all Odds)Klav Singst Git
Always remember us this way (from A Star is born)Klav Singst Git
Aquarius (from Hair)Klav Singst Git
Beauty and the Beast (from Beauty and the Beast)Klav Singst Git
Born to be wild (from Easy Rider)Klav Singst Git
Can you feel the Love tonight (from The Lion King)Klav Singst Git
Chariots of Fire (from Chariots of Fire)Klav
City of Stars (from La La Land)Klav Singst Git
Come what may (from Moulin Rouge)Klav Singst Git
Cups (When I'm gone) (from Pitch Perfect)Klav Singst Git
Diamonds are a Girl's best Friend (from Gentlemen prefer blondes)Klav Singst Git
Don't you (Forget about me) (from The Breakfast Club)Klav Singst Git
Everybody's Talkin (Echoes) (from Midnight Cowboy)Klav Singst Git
Eye of the Tiger (from Rocky III)Klav Singst Git
Feather Theme (from Forrest Gump)Klav
Flying Theme (from E.T. the Extra Terrestrial)Klav
Footloose (from Footloose)Klav Singst Git
Ghostbusters Theme (from Ghostbusters)Klav Singst Git
Goldfinger (from Goldfinger)Klav Singst Git
Gonna fly now (from Rocky)Klav Singst Git
Happy (from Despicable me 2)Klav Singst Git
He's a Pirate (from Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl)Klav
Hoelessly devoted to you (from Grease)Klav Singst Git
How deep is your Love (from Saturday Night Fever)Klav Singst Git
I just called to say I love you (from The Woman in Red)Klav Singst Git
I will aways love you (from The Bodyguard)Klav Singst Git
It must have been Love (from Pretty Woman)Klav Singst Git
James Bond Theme (from Dr. No)Klav
Jurassic Park Theme (from Jurassic Park)Klav
Love Theme (from St. Elmo's Fire)Klav
Love Theme (from The Godfather)Klav
Mamma Mia (from Mamma Mia - Here we go again)Klav Singst Git
Moon River (from Breakfast at Tiffany's)Klav Singst Git
Mrs. Robinson (from The Graduate)Klav Singst Git
My Heart will go on (from Titanic)Klav Singst Git
New York New York (from New York New York)Klav Singst Git
Over the Rainbow (from The Wizard of Oz)Klav Singst Git
Que Sera Sera (Whatever will be will be) (from The Man who knew too much)Klav Singst Git
Raindrops keep fallin on my Head (from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid)Klav Singst Git
Singin in the Rain (from Singin in the Rain)Klav Singst Git
Skyfall (from Skyfall)Klav Singst Git
Star Wars Main Theme (from Star Wars)Klav Singst Git
Stayin Alive (from Saturday Night Fever)Klav Singst Git
The Music of the Night (from The Phantom of the Opera)Klav Singst Git
The Pink Panther Theme (from The Pink Panther)Klav
The Sound of Music (from The Sound of Music)Klav Singst Git
The Trolley Song (from Meet me in St. Louis)Klav Singst Git
The Way we were (from The Way we were)Klav Singst Git
This is me (from The Greatest Showman)Klav Singst Git
Unchained Melody (from Ghost)Klav Singst Git
You light up my Life (from You light up my Life)Klav Singst Git
You'll never walk alone (from Carousel)Klav Singst Git
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