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Piano Music by Women Composers Band 2


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Item Number 404526
Instrumentation Klav
Catchword: Komponistin
Category: Tasteninstrumente
Era: Classical ca. 1730 - 1820 , Contemporary Music from 1900 , Romantic ca. 1800 - 1920
Editor Immanuela Gruenberg
Publisher Hal Leonard
ISBN 9781705147535
Edition Sammlung


Composer Title Instrumentation
BONIS Mel Grand Spanish Waltz in A Major Klav
BONIS Mel It's Raining! Klav
CHAMINADE Cecile Little Waltz in B-flat Major from "Children's Album - Volume 2" op. 126/12 Klav
CHAMINADE Cecile Melancholy from "Two Pieces" op. 25/1 Klav
EGEBERG Fredrikke Song Without Words in E-flat Major from "Six Songs Without Words" Klav
FARRENC Louise Etude in F Major from "25 Intermediate Studies" op. 42/5 Klav
FARRENC Louise Etude in G Major from "12 Studies in Dexterity" op. 41/2 Klav
FARRENC Louise Melody in A-flat Major Klav
LANG Josephine Homesickness from "Three Piano Pieces" Klav
LANG Josephine Minuet: Sadness from "Three Piano Pieces" Klav
HARTMANN Emma Piano Piece in A-flat Major from "Piano Pieces" op. posth. No. 4 Klav
HARTOG Cecile Summer Song Klav
JAELL Marie Friendly Teasing from "The Good Days" Klav
JAELL Marie The Shepherd and the Echo from "The Good Days" Klav
JAELL Marie Whispers of the Forests from "The Good Days" Klav
JANOTHA Natalia Edelweiss Klav
LODER Kate Mazurka in a minor Klav
MAYER Emilie Impromptu in A-flat Major op. 44 Klav
MARTINES Marianna Allegro from "Sonata in A Major" Klav
MENDELSSOHN (HENSEL) Fanny Larghetto from "Four Songs for the Piano" op. 8/3 Klav
MENDELSSOHN (HENSEL) Fanny Melody in E-flat Major from "Six Melodies for the Piano" op. 5/6 Klav
OHE Adele aus der A Legend from "Four Piano Pieces" op. 9/1 Klav
SCHAUROTH Delphine von Songs Without Words in e minor from "Six Songs Without Words" op. 18/4 Klav
SCHUMANN (WIECK) Clara Romance in a minor WoO 28 (1892 version) Klav
STUBENBERG Anna Austrian Dance in A-flat Major from "The People of Kapfenberg" op. 67/5 Klav
VRABELY Stephanie Pensee musicale Klav
SZYMANOWSKA Maria Polonaise in e minor from "18 Dances in Different Genres" Klav
SZYMANOWSKA Maria Quadrille in F Major from "18 Dances in Different Genres" Klav

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