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Why the recorder is suitable as a first instrument



Why the recorder is suitable as a first instrument

The recorder is rarely perceived as a full-fledged music instrument, but it is the perfect instrument for beginners. Don’t you think so? We have ten reasons for you why the recorder is a great instrument. Also you should attend a flute concert because then you will realize that the recorder is being laughed at unjustly.


Reason 1: Sound

The simple thing about the recorder is that everyone can create a tone with it. In comparison: in oboe, saxophone and trumpet, a special technique is needed to make a sound.


Reason 2: Tuning

Many instruments need to be tuned regularly before use. This is not the case with the recorder because it maintains its mood during production and does not change over time.


Reason 3: Handling

From an anatomical point of view, the recorder is easy to grasp. Although the note "F" may seem difficult especially in the Baroque style, a recorder with German style is recommended - especially for children.


Reason 4: Style

Some instruments can only be play while standing, some while sitting. Some require a special breathing technique. This is not the case with the recorder!


Reason 5: Notation

Reading notes is important for all instruments. What differentiates the recorder from others it that learning notation is the only big hurdle. Once it's done, nothing can stop you.


Reason 6: Fast success

Unlike other instruments you see rapid success with the recorder, so you have almost zero chance of being defeated. Here we have a book from our assortment to learn playing the recorder very easily!


Reason 7: Cost-effective pricing

The recorder is one of the most inexpensive instruments. Especially if you are unsure whether the recorder is the right instrument for you. If you like it, you still can purchase a more expensive one.


Reason 8: Uncomplicated care

The maintenance of a recorder is reduced to a minimum - you only need to dry the recorder after every play. When buying, a suitable cleaner is often included. Occasionally, you should grease the cork that connects the parts of the flute.


Reason 9: Transport

Since the recorder consists of two to three parts, it is mall and light. So, you can take it anywhere you go.


Reason 10: Switching to another instrument

Although you won't be able to play another instrument automatically if you master the recorder, the changeover is easier. After all, you are familiar with the notation and can implement the rhythm. When switching, you can focus on breathing, posture and technique.


We hope our 10 reasons convinced you to start or buy your (grand)child a recorder as the first instrument. The recorder is the best choid for the first one.

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