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Orgelschule mit Hand und Fuß Band 1
Für Anfänger, Wiedereinsteiger und Autodidakten

€ 27.95
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Item Number:02-00516
Composer:WEGELE Ulrike-Theresia
Publishers Order Ref:02 516

This progressively arranged organ method is suitable for children from approx. 8 years, for persons coming back to the instrument after a hiatus, and for autodidacts of any age. It contains both varied exercises and interesting repertoire examples from the 17th to 21st centuries. There is lots of room to explore your own creativity, e.g. with improvisation exercises; pedal playing, too, is incorporated from the very beginning. The author’s website,, provides links to video clips explaining and showing many different exercises. Well proven over the years, the Organ Method with Hands and Feet is the result of a completely new pedagogic concept that allows for a direct entrance into the organ world without prior piano skills.
Release dates:
Book 1 - just released
Book 2 - September 2019
Book 3 - December 2019
Please send an e-mail to klassik(at) if you would like to pre-order all 3 volumes with the subscription price of € 24,95 each.

List of Abbreviations
WEGELE Ulrike-TheresiaAllegrettoOrg
WEGELE Ulrike-TheresiaAllegretto B-DurOrg
ZACHOW Friedrich WilhelmAllein Gott in der Höh' sei Ehr'Org
REGER MaxAus tiefer Not schrei ich zu dir op. 135a (Pedalstimme)Org
WEGELE Ulrike-TheresiaDuo C-DurOrg
ANONYMUSGroßer Gott, wir loben dichOrg
ANONYMUSHappy BirthdayOrg
TELEMANN Georg PhilippKanonOrg
WEGELE Ulrike-TheresiaKleines PräludiumOrg
ANONYMUSLobe den HerrnOrg
ZIPOLI DomenicoOrgano plenoOrg
BACH Johann SebastianPedalsolo aus Präludium B-Dur BWV 560Org
BACH Johann SebastianPedalsolo aus Präludium C-Dur BWV 531Org
KREBS Johann LudwigPedalsolo aus Präludium d-MollOrg
BACH Johann SebastianPedalsolo aus Präludium G-Dur BWV 550Org
WEGELE Ulrike-TheresiaPierrotOrg
VOGLER Georg JosephPräludiumOrg
FISCHER Johann Caspar FerdinandPräludium d-MollOrg
WEGELE Ulrike-TheresiaSekundentanzOrg
WEGELE Ulrike-TheresiaSekundentanz im PedalOrg
WEGELE Ulrike-TheresiaTerzstudie G-DurOrg
WEGELE Ulrike-TheresiaTonleiter-Duo a-MollOrg
WEGELE Ulrike-TheresiaTonleiter-Duo C-DurOrg
WEGELE Ulrike-TheresiaTrio a-MollOrg
WEGELE Ulrike-TheresiaTrio C-DurOrg
WEGELE Ulrike-TheresiaTrio cromaticoOrg
WEGELE Ulrike-TheresiaTrio F-DurOrg
WEGELE Ulrike-TheresiaTrio G-DurOrg
KREBS Johann LudwigZitate aus Fuge G-DurOrg
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