​Music lessons

​https://findyourmusicteacher.com/ is a network of music and instrumental teachers who can be found easily and uncomplicatedly by students searching on this platform. The searching student is shown all teachers who teach in his/her area. Contact is made exclusively between the student and the teacher.

You are a music teacher, have your own website and are looking for students? Send us an email with a short description to: webshop@doblinger.at.



Piano lessons in Vienna - Alina Murzakhanova
Learn personal growth through empathic piano lessons in Vienna
with an international concert pianist and piano teacher.

Music lessons in practice (piano, singing) and theory
Whether played, sung or enjoyed by listening - music brings quality of life, it enriches our personality, makes us happy and has the power to delight, shake, touch and move us at our core.
I offer: Piano lessons with a lot of joy and rapid progress without pressure and stress, support for choir singers in rehearsing difficult passages, piano accompaniment for amateur singers, theory explained simply, insights into music history and deal with your very personal questions on musical topics!

Piano lessons for adults with Sigrid Wurm
You would like to play the piano again. It is always more possible than you think.
Sigrid Wurm offers professional individual lessons tailored to your needs and wishes. Many years of experience, a comprehensive method and joy in playing will support you in your musical realisation.

Piano lessons Jazz / Pop / Classical in Vienna - Benjamin Schatz
Professional piano lessons in all styles.
Lecturer at the Jam Music Lab University Vienna, as well as the music academies in Leipzig and Weimar. Prices: 30min=30€, 45min=40€, 60min=50€, Block 5x60min=200€

Piano lessons in Vienna  - Aida Yesayan
As a teacher, my goal is to teach music in a way that develops a love for it in each student and motivates them to succeed. It is very important to create a balanced curriculum that includes carefully selected and graded repertoire, technique, performance, theory and historical background, introducing students to the correct and efficient way to practice.

Piano lessons for children and adults in 1170 Vienna- MgA. L.Schelepak
Music makes children more socially competent and self-confident.
It is never too late to start! Arrange a trial lesson today.

Piano lessons in 1090 Vienna- Nobuko Akiyama
Experienced concert pianist and teacher offers early music education, private lessons for beginners, seniors, preparation for entrance exams at the Vienna University of Music. Individual preparation of practice material and own compositions!
Piano lessons in Vienna for beginners and advanced students- Roman Sillipp

Would you like to learn to play the piano quickly and easily and play your favourite music with fun and joy? Benefit from my education at the Vienna Conservatory and my many years of experience as a stage and studio musician.

Piano teacher- Stefan Schwager
Stefan Schwager offers piano lessons and jazz piano lessons in Vienna. Beginners, re-starters and advanced students of all ages are welcome.

Piano lessons- Guido Timmermans
Wrist technique interpretation of Schubert's piano compositions and Russian composers, especially Rachmaninoff. Wrist technique and correct emphasis of melodic lines.​

Piano lessons in Vienna- Prof. Walter Fleischmann
Piano lessons and preparation for entrance exams, diploma exams and competitions. Musical and stylistic as well as technical instruction.

Piano lessons for adults - Dr.in Brigitta König
Qualified, experienced piano teacher gives piano lessons for adults on new Steinway grand piano. Close to Naschmarkt.

Piano lessons in Vienna - Violetta Kargina
Piano lessons for children, teenagers and adults, for beginners and advanced as well as for newcomers and those returning to the piano.

Piano lessons in Vienna - Reza Sarkari
Playing the piano with fun and joy - according to new methods - from a qualified piano teacher - with many years of experience - in private lessons.

Enjoyment and success in piano playing for adults - Mag. Dina Schwarz
Professional piano lessons for adults from a graduate of the University of Music in Salzburg and Vienna.

Piano lessons for young and old - Barbara Prinz
Piano lessons for young and old playing beautiful pieces, learning piano technique in a playful way, improvising, playing 4-hands and much more.

Piano lessons in the centre of Vienna - Hiromi Fukatsu
Private piano lessons in the centre of Vienna for children and adults (beginners or advanced)

Piano lessons for beginners with Annalisa Virzi
Learn the piano with joy and passion! The music will always be with you. It will give you the opportunity to express your emotions, shape your character and strengthen your sensitivity. I am looking forward to meeting you!

Piano lessons in Vienna - Hovannes DjibianLerne Klavier spielen, unabhängig von deinem Alter und deinem Level - Klavierunterricht in Wien auf höchstem Niveau!



Singing lessons - Andrew Golder
Trained as a singer and voice coach (A.R.C.M. Teaching Diploma at the Royal College of Music, London), Andrew Golder has many years' experience as a private teacher of singers, actors and speakers.

Singing Workshops & Private Lessons
Whether jazz improvisation, Brazilian music in Portuguese, voice training, performance or music theory. For adults or teenagers. Private lessons in singing and piano.

Viennese Voice Studio - Silk Bruns
Voice training, singing and speaking lessons by a qualified singing teacher with many years of teaching experience.

Singing lessons in Vienna - Dr. Alexander Mayr
Certified opera/concert singer and singing teacher offers singing lessons for children, adults, beginners and advanced, hobby singers and professionals.

Singing lessons in Vienna - Hiromi Fukatsu
Private singing lessons in the centre of Vienna, for beginners and advanced singers.​

Gesangsunterricht und Stimmtherapie mit Dr. Jolene Kappis in 1010 Wien
Dr. Jolene Kappis, eine internationale Opernsängerin und Gesangspädagogin, bietet Gesangsunterricht für Kinder, Anfänger, Hobby- und Fortgeschrittenensänger an. Angeboten wird auch Stimmtherapie, eine Methode zur Heilung der Stimme und des Seins durch präzise Anleitung von Gesang, Sprache, Körperhaltung und Atmung. Unterrichtssprache: Englisch und Deutsch. singingwithjolene@gmail.com



Violin lessons for beginners and advanced students - Carolina Mazalesky
Lessons possible in French, Spanish, German or English.
Free trial lesson - https://caroviolina@yahoo.de/

Violin lessons according to the Suzuki method from 3 years of age
Experienced music teacher (Mag.) gives lessons in violin and viola. Special teaching programme for children from the age of 3.

Violin lessons for all (according to the Suzuki method)
I am Annalisa Virzì, a passionate violinist, violin teacher and mental coach. I enjoy accompanying children and adults in their growth process, first as human beings, then as musicians. Through music we can work together to broaden your perspective, discover your musical talent and show it to the world. I look forward to getting to know you!



Andrea Mayer - Creative Cello Star Lessons in the Dream Workshop
I studied cello in Vienna and Cologne and enjoy teaching children, teenagers, adults, beginners, advanced, very advanced,....I offer individual, chamber music and ensemble lessons.
New faces in my cello class are always welcome!

Eckhard Mützner - Cello lessons
Classically trained cellist with many years of experience offers lessons in classical music, chamber music, ensemble, improvisation, blues, pop, rock and theory to beginners, advanced players and students. A healthy playing posture and fun are focal points. Wide range of repertoire for different levels of learning.
(Lessons also possible in English).

Cello lessons in Vienna
Tilly Cernitori - Lessons for children, teenagers and adults.
Free trial lesson - https://info@tillycernitori.com/

Qualifizierte, erfahrene Cellolehrerin gibt Anfängern und fortgeschrittenen Erwachsenen sowie Jugendlichen mit Vorkenntnissen ab 14 Jahren fundierten, humorvollen und geduldigen Cello-Unterricht in Deutsch und Englisch in 1040 Wien.


Double Bass / Electric Bass

Bass lessons from a professional - Patrick Zambonin
Have you always wanted to learn the bass from scratch, brush up your technique or get new inspiration for practising? This is the right place for professional bass lessons in Vienna. Central - only 10min from Schwedenplatz. Free trial lesson. Online lessons also possible. As a passionate live bass player, I enjoy the vibes that make the stage vibrate and the audience go wild at a good gig. This is exactly the feeling that characterises my private lessons: Lively, practical and individual learning speed combined with a sound theoretical background and the joy of playing - including a sense of achievement!

Double bass and electric bass lessons Vienna – Raphael Leitner
Are you fascinated by the low notes and would you like to learn to play double bass or electric bass? Or are you already a bass player and want to perfect your bass playing? Are you looking for professional support in preparing for an entrance exam?
Then take a look at my website - there you will find all the information about lessons!



Guitar lessons- Mag.a Tullia Cartoni

Gitarrenunterricht für Kinder (ab 7Jahren) und Erwachsene mit F Mag Cartoni in Wien. Prüfungsvorbereitung ist möglich.
Ich habe eine lange Erfahrung im didaktischen Sektor, sowohl mit Kindern als auch mit Erwachsenen. Ausbildung als Lehrerin und Konzertmusikerin.
Für jeden Schüler wähle ich passende Stücke nach den jeweiligen Bedürfnissen und Fähigkeiten aus.
Kinder : Kinderlieder vom Blatt spielen, einfache Stücke aus dem Kinder-Repertoire.
Erwachsene: Akkorde, Rhythmen, Notenlesen, Repertoire aus der modernen Spanischen/Südamerikanischen Musik. Methodenbuch wird verwendet.

Guitar lessons- Martin Schlögl
For many years I have been giving private guitar lessons with great personal interest. My lessons are aimed at all music lovers - regardless of their preferred musical genre. First and foremost, I help my students to understand the "recipes behind the music" and to use music as a personal means of expression.

Guitar lessons - Gerald Smrzek
Musician with a completed education and many years of teaching experience gives guitar lessons for beginners and advanced students.
Through a modular training system, after learning the basics of guitar playing, it is possible to continue in different styles - such as classical music, song accompaniment, pop, blues and jazz.​



Traverse flute lessons - Mag. Hiroko Huemer MA
Would you like to hear transverse flute works as Johann Sebastian Bach or Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart had conceived them? Or to enjoy the gentle sound of a wooden instrument? Here is the opportunity!

Drum lessons in Vienna - Richard Pistauer
Drum lessons with fun and joy - with qualified drummers and pedagogues - with many years of experience - for all age groups - for beginners and advanced - in Pop/Rock/Funk/Latin/Jazz...

Piano, transverse and recorder lessons ; ear training and harmony teaching
Fun and success guaranteed! Directly U1 Reumannplatz! Qualified instrumental teacher gives qualified lessons!

Harp lessons
We offer harp lessons for concert and hook harp, in Vienna and surroundings.
Individual - Creative - Integral