If we believe that Jesus died


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    Interne Referenz: 506170
    Besetzung: SSATB Org
    Komponist: BAGOT Louisa
    Herausgeber: Geoffrey Webber
    Verlag: Oxford
    Verlagsnummer: 9780193708013
    ISBN: 9780193708013
    Ausgabe: Part
    DOB_Sparte: diverse geistlich
    Epoche: Rom
    Ausgabeformat: Kleinformat
    Schlagwörter: Ostern, Advent, Komponistin

    This delightful anthem (with organ) by Louisa Bagot was performed at St George's Chapel, Windsor, and Canterbury Cathedral during the 19th century. It contains verses for SAB and SATB, a Bass aria, and concludes with a rousing chorus for SSATB. It is particularly suitable for performance at Easter, Advent and at memorials.