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Interne Referenz: 319466
Besetzung: Vl
Gattung: Streicher
Verlag: Hal Leonard
Verlagsnummer: HL00158094
ISBN: 9781495060700
DOB_Sparte: Violine


Titel Komponist Interpret Bearbeiter Texter Besetzung
Against all odds (Take a Look at Me Now) aus "Against all odds"         Vl
Alfie aus "Alfie"         Vl
Axel F aus "Beverly Hills Cop"         Vl
Baby Elephant Wak aus "Hatari!"         Vl
Beauty and the Beast aus "Beauty and the Beast"         Vl
Blaze of Glory aus "Young Guns II"         Vl
Blue Velvet aus "Blue Velvet"         Vl
Born Free aus "Born Free"         Vl
Call Me aus "American Gigolo"         Vl
Can you feel the love tonight aus "The Lion King"         Vl
Can't help falling in love aus "Blue Hawaii"         Vl
The Candy Man aus "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory"         Vl
Chariots of Fire aus "Chariots of Fire"         Vl
Colors of the wind aus "Pocahontas"         Vl
Come Saturday Morning (Saturday Morning) aus "The Sterile Cuckoo"         Vl
Cups (When I'm Gone) aus "Pitch Perfect"         Vl
Come what may aus "Moulin Rouge"         Vl
Danger Zone aus "Top Gun"         Vl
Dear Heart aus "Dear Heart"         Vl
Diamonds are a girl's best friend aus "Gentlemen prefer blondes"         Vl
Do you know where you're going to? aus "Mahogany"         Vl
Don't you (Forget about me) aus "The Breakfast Club"         Vl
The Dreame aus "Sense and Sensibility"         Vl
End of the Road aus "Boomerang"         Vl
Endless Love aus "Endless Love"         Vl
Everybody's talkin' (Echoes) aus "Midnight Cowboy"         Vl
Exhale (Shoop Shoop) aus "Waiting to Exhale"         Vl
Eye of the Tiger aus "Rocky III"         Vl
Footloose aus "Footloose"         Vl
Forrest Gump - Main Title (Feather Theme) aus "Forrest Gump"         Vl
Hallelujah aus "Shrek"         Vl
Glory of Love aus "Karate Kid Part II"         Vl
Happy aus "Despicable Me 2"         Vl
The Heat ist on aus "Beverly Hills Cop"         Vl
Hello Again aus "The Jazz Singer"         Vl
How deep is your love aus "Saturday Night Fever"         Vl
I am a man of constant sorrow aus "O Brother, Where Art Thou?"         Vl
I believe I can fly aus "Space Jam"         Vl
I just called to say I love you aus "The Woman in Red"         Vl
I will always love you aus "Bodyguard"         Vl
I will wait for you aus "The Umbrellas of Cherbourg"         Vl
(I've had) the time of my life aus "Dirty Dancing"         Vl
Jailhouse Rock aus "Jailhouse Rock"         Vl
The John Dunbar Theme aus "Dances With Wolves"         Vl
Kokomo aus "Cocktail"         Vl
Let the river run aus "Working Girl"         Vl
Let it go aus "Frozen"         Vl
Live and let die aus "Live and Let Die"         Vl
The look of love aus "Casino Royale"         Vl
Luck be a lady aus "Guys and Dolls"         Vl
A man and a woman (Un homme et une femme) aus "A Man and a Woman"         Vl
Maniac aus "Flashdance"         Vl
Missin Impossible Theme aus "Mission: Impossible"         Vl
Mrs. Robinson aus "The Graduate"         Vl
Moon River aus "Breakfast at Tiffany's"         Vl
More (Ti guardero nel cuore) aus "Mondo Cane"         Vl
The music of goodbye aus "Out of Africa"         Vl
My heart will go on (Love Theme) aus "Titanic"         Vl
Nine to five aus "Nine to Five"         Vl
Nothing's gonna stop us now aus "Mannequin"         Vl
Olt time Rock & Roll aus "Risky Business"         Vl
The Pink Panther aus "The Pink Panther"         Vl
Put your dreams away (for another day) aus "Inside Moves"         Vl
Puttin' on the Ritz aus "Puttin' on the Ritz"         Vl
Que Sera, Sera (Whatever will be, will be) aus "The Man Who Knew Too Much"         Vl
The Rainbow Connection aus "The Muppet Movie"         Vl
Raindrops keep fallin' on my head aus "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid"         Vl
Rock around the clock aus "Blackboard Jungle"         Vl
Love Theme aus "St. Elmo's Fire"         Vl
Say you, say me aus "White Nights"         Vl
Separate lives aus "White Nights"         Vl
The shadow of your smile aus "The Sandpiper"         Vl
Somewhere in time aus "Somewhere in Time"         Vl
Skyfall aus "Skyfall"         Vl
Somewhere, my love aus "Doctor Zhivago"         Vl
Somewhere out there aus "An American Tail"         Vl
The sound of music aus "The Sound of Music"         Vl
Speak softly, love (Love Theme) aus "Godfather"         Vl
Star Trek - The Motion Picture         Vl
Summer Nights aus "Grease"         Vl
Stayin' Alive aus "Saturday Night Fever"         Vl
The sweetheart tree aus "The Great Race"         Vl
Swinging on a star aus "Going my Way"         Vl
Take my breath away (Love Theme) aus "Top Gun"         Vl
Tammy aus "Tammy and the Bachelor"         Vl
Thanks for the memory aus "Big Broadcast of 1938"         Vl
That's amore (That's love) aus "The Caddy"         Vl
A time for us (Love Theme) aus "Romeo and Juliet"         Vl
Time Warp aus "The Rocky Horror Picture Show"         Vl
To sir, with love aus "To Sir, With Love"         Vl
Unchained Melody aus "Unchained"         Vl
Two hearts aus "Buster"         Vl
Up where we belong aus "An Officer and a Gentleman"         Vl
The way we were aus "The Way We Were"         Vl
When she loved me aus "Toy Story 2"         Vl
When you believe aus "The Prince of Egypt"         Vl
When you wish upon a star aus "Pinocchio"         Vl
Where do I begin (Love Theme) aus "Love Story"         Vl
Writing's on the wall aus "Spectre"         Vl
You light up my life aus "You Light up my Life"         Vl
You must love me aus "Evita"         Vl